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To round the pool area off, choose from sauna and steam bath, with different herbal infusions and sauna rituals every day. 

Taking a deep breath in the warm, rising steam in combination with refreshing scents increases your sense of well-being. Allow yourself to be enveloped by hot billows and feel the bliss of health rising inside of you. Due to the high humidity the steam bath unfolds its healing effect in a special and pleasant way, and is very helpfull for a number of conditions such as rheumatic complaints or respiratory problems and helps to provide a beautiful and soft skin.

The traditional finnish Sauna reaches a temperature of 60°C and air humidity of 10%. There are important health benefits of a Finnish Sauna. Blood pressure is lowered, heart activity is increased, toxins are washed from your skin, and it is said that saunas aid in losing inches as well. The heat feels very relaxing on the muscles.