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GHOSON Boutique

Step into our oasis of perfect products that best fit enhancement of your natural beauty.

Enjoy the brilliant selection of luxurious items and products to treat yourself, friends and family, and your home. Weather it is a colourfully scented candle or perfumed oil for the comforts of your home, or a carefully engineered perfect fit to your skin or hair type, through our Boutique’s selection you will be guided by our friendly Ghoson team member that can analyse your personal needs and requirements.

We offer skin care brands from all over the world:

  • Biologique Recheche: astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures. Founded In Paris, now world-wide!
  • Niance: A new, globally perfected concept is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics - NIANCE® Multi-Anti-Aging! Unique throughout the world, the simultaneous effect on all layers of the skin with recipes based on the highest levels of purity. For everyone who has ever searched for the ultimate anti-aging effect combined simultaneously with maximum compatibility, and who has an appreciation of that special luxury.
  • Anne-Semonin:  French, Luxurious, highly effective skincare and made-to-measure treatments since 1985 with the goal of visibly enhancing your skin’s radiance.
  • Donna Chang: DONNA CHANG was inspired by the endless beauty of Asian Ladies. The brand symbolizes beauty and culture with integrity and sophisticated elegance; a reference to sensibility, tradition and timelessness.
  • Loreal & Kerastase: Very Personal Care for Exceptional Hair

Please speak to Ghoson staff member for additional information.