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NIANCE® is a real premium brand from Switzerland and stands for highly effective and high quality anti-aging skincare products. The worldwide innovative approach to skincare means a revolution in the world of high class cosmetics.


30 min

This premium pampering package is designed especially for the eye area and results in a radiant and expressive look. Wrinkles, eye shadows and swelling is targeted specifically. In addition your face will be pampered and your complexion is smoothed.


60 min

This nourishing and soothing intensive treatment is designed for skin that needs an extra portion of care. It provides your skin with moisture, nutrients and vitamins. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away. The complexion and eye area radiate in renewed freshness. 


60 min

This superior anti-aging treatment is for particularly demanding skin. The skins natural ability to repair itself is boosted as the skin is supplied with essential micro nutrients, resulting in a firmer, smoother, rosier and younger looking complexion. Your eye area will receive extra pampering that removes traces of fatigue or sluggishness.