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Thai Treamtments

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system thatcombines broad and targeted, stimulation and manipulation of helps to break down blockages, energy flow and restore balance and harmony.

Traditional Thai Massage

90/60 min

This is a little like doing yoga without effort. This massage relieves muscle and joint tension, increases flexibility and balances the body’s energy systems. The therapists use their hands and feet to mould your body into various positions for maximum relaxation and energy. It is an oil free treatment and is performed on a traditional Thai mattress.

Aroma Thai Massage

90/60 min

Aroma Thai Massage combines the invigorating technique of the traditional Thai massage with Aromatherapy. This combination of Thai-style deep massage, yoga stretching and Aromatherapy, is effective in relieving pain in the back and shoulders. The gentle application of essential oils soothes the body and encourages a peaceful mind.

Hot Compress Therapy

90/60 min

Beginning with a Traditional Thai massage or Aromatherapy Thai massage, the compress therapy that follows has been used in Thailand for many centuries. Exotic herbs are tightly bound in fabric and heated. The warm bundles are then pressed over the body releasing the aroma and medicinal properties of the herbs.