Moroccoan Hamam


25 min

More than a thousand years old tradition of the Othomans combined with the Arab knowledge of health and beauty. The element water, fire, earth and aromatized air are combined and concentrated in their effect. You will receive a nature-dredge, enriching your skin with salts and minerals. Followed by a relaxing steam you begin a soft peeling with a gentle with Egyptian loofah, complete the treatment with a refreshing sensation shower. Experience an unparalleled feeling.

Morrocon Hammam Ritual – Cleansing Experience

60 min

A treatment experienced in the warmth of the Hammam. Your body is doused with warm water as a Tellak exfoliates away impurities using a Kessa glove and Black Morrocon soap, a cleansing soap made from crushed olives,
olive oil and Eucalyptus.


Ghoson Signature Hamam Experience


Your complete top-to-toe cleansing experience begins with a mint leaf foot ritual before a bespoke blend of purifying Rhassoul clay, honey, pepper mint scrub and soap. The hair and face are also cleansed, combining the purest Moroccan remedies to restore a fresh complexion. The ritual finishes with a oriental massage including a traditional dousing of rosewater to leave you calm, revived and radiant.

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