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Arabic Inspirations

Arabian Coffee Experience

120 Min

After a delicate coffee exfoliation of the body, you will be enveloped in a frothy selfheating mud. Tension releases as the marinebased mud warms and soothes your tired muscles, rejuvenating your entire being. Included is our Vichy Shower experience and ending your treatment with an Arabian full body massage.


90 / / 60 min

Essential plant oils are blended with massage oils to calm, revitalize, and heal. The mixture is applied using massage techniques which reduce toxins and optimize physical and mental well-being.

Arabic Rose

180 Min

This ritual begins with an icy smoothing scrub followed by a hydrating body wrap. A rose scented massage keeps things fragrant while a Cryo Time Freeze Facial is the final soothing touch. This treatment is effective at repairing damaged skin cells and restoring the skin’s natural radiance while protecting it from environmental and lifestyle stress.