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Medical Body


90/60 min

Effective cupping massage

SPM (“Suction Pressure Massage “), creates a suction massage that loosens up indurated subcutaneous structures. The surrounding tissues become more elastic, resulting in improved skin quality with a tighter and smoother view. It is the ideal treatment for a skin firming and lifting effect resulting in better body and face contouring. As a result of the increased blood circulation and stimulation of lymph circulation, aiding in Body detoxification and improved skin appearance reducing the appearance of Cellulite and loose skin .SPM can be applied to different areas of the body for different results.



60 min

Gentle sliding stroke massage

The principle of mechanical lymph drainage using sleeves on the feet and legs for oedema therapy (water retention) was developed in the 1980s. Today you can experience the Slide Styler® as a unique version of this wellestablished procedure - for treatments with a feel-good factor. During a relaxing half hour the comfortable sleeve trousers are filled with pressure from the feet to the waist. Sliding strokes are produced which act like a massage on the tissue of the
legs and stomach. A well-functioning lymph system is indispensable for your wellbeing and your skin.



60 Min

Effective Foil Technique

A specialist Premedion combination of aroma and compression therapy. Body Wrapping means that affected areas of skin are first massaged with a stimulating preparation and then wrapped with an effective foil technique. The aim of the treatment is to activate the blood circulation of the tissue. Body wrapping is used mainly for cellulite treatments. This an ideal solution to solve your problem zones of the stomach, waist, thighs, upper arms, hips or calves.



140 min

Liberate with detox

An unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, stress or illnesses such as diabetes can lead to hyperacidity of the tissue. A balance between acids and bases is necessary for normal metabolism. Amongst other things this balance is decisive for our well-being and for the firmness of the skin and connective tissue. By neutralising this protective acid layer of the skin and providing oxygen to the skin inside this specialised cocoon this will lead to better body detoxification and removal of waist. This is the fastest detox therapy available on the market and will lead to immediate effects on your general health, weight loss in targeted areas as well as giving you a liberated body feeling. Because only a liberated body shows its true beauty on the outside.



140 min

Electrotherapy and lipolysis

This tried and tested treatment has a wide variety of uses – ranging from relaxing electrotherapy massage to special treatments n the whole body. Pre-set Treatment programmes allow targeted firming of the skin tissue and help with muscle building.

A special benefit is electro lipolysis. Here a targeted influence on the fatty deposits is achieved through the activation of fatdissolving enzymes – lipases. This is one of the most popular therapies amongst
the different treatments of local fat and cellulite deposits. Combination Treatments for Ultimate Detoxification and Slimming


120 min
  • Combination SPM with Slide Styler
  • Combination SPM with Body Wrapping
  • Mesocare with Slide Styler
  • Mesocare with Body Wrapping
  • Combination Bodystar, Slide Styler or
  • Body Wrapping