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Medical Beauty


30 min

Gentle deep down peeling care

Micro dermabrasion is a long-standing tried and tested method of curative cosmetics. The precise yet gentle radiation of high-quality glass crystals and various attachments allow a wide range of applications to be carried out. Wrinkles, Unevenness and pigment disorders can be treated.

The treatment is often called a time-saving method of deep-down regeneration which can refine the appearance of the complexion and optimally prepare the skin cells for subsequent active substances. In addition the skins own production of collagen and elastin is stimulated. In individual cases this can lead to a significant reduction in wrinkle depth. Dermabrasion is also used for the local treatment of scars.

10 Session packages available.
Packages includes initial consultation with Skin Analysis Test.


60 Min

O-2Energy treatment

The patented Dermio Care Facial treatment works with highly concentrated negative ions which enrich the oxygen in the surrounding air. The ions contact the facial skin below the protective helmet. You will benefit from this relaxing treatment visibly and noticeably regardless of your skin type. In addition it protects the skin against harmful
environmental influences. Dermio Care is an indispensable component of any high-quality anti-aging facial

10 Session packages available
Packages includes initial consultation with Skin Analysis Test.

SPM® Face Care

60 Min

Effective cupping massage

SPM (“Suction Pressure Massage“), creates a suction massage that loosens up indurated subcutaneous structures. The surrounding tissues become more elastic, resulting in improved skin quality with a tighter and smoother view. It is the ideal treatment for a skin firming and lifting effect resulting in better facial contouring. As a result of the
increased blood circulation and stimulation of lymph circulation, your skin is going to look more radiant and healthier.


15 min

Sensual lips are a sign of sensuality and femininity. The Beautiful Lips treatment is a gentle method of making the lips look fuller and outlining the contours of the lips. Through the use of hyaluron and cold light the lips are gently padded and moisturised.

Beautiful lips is perfect for rounding off evening make-up. This treatment is unique and only available by Weyergans in our centre.



60 min

Tingling beauty, unique and surprising During the Facialstar® treatment of High Care® Cosmetics, biologically effective serums are channelled into the skin. Effective, stimulationg pulse currents streamline neglected skin regions. The easy and safe Ridulifting Needling ensures a fast rejuvenation effect. It is a high-grade electrocosmetic treatment for body and face, stateof- the-art technology with immediately visible results.

Let highly effective cosmeceuticals affect your skin while experiencing the unique Facialstar® treatment - and see your skin become fresh, even and at its best!


60 // 90min

Electroporation and Myolifting

With the Mesocare method bio-functional serums are infiltrated deep into the skin by using electroporation. Painless, special voltage pulses on the upper membrane cause the micro channels of the skin to open for a short time. So highly concentrated cosmeceutical substances – eg. For anti- aging treatments – can be infiltrated in the deeper tissue layers without needles and injection. Mesocare thus means the modern transport of highly effective substances such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins or peptides into the deeper layers of the skin on the face, body and décolleté. It’s well known that true beauty comes from within.


30 min

Perfect Eye and Lip Lifting treatment
Meso® Eye and Lip treatments are the ultimate add on to any spa treatment.


120 Min

Combination SPM, Dermabrasion and Mesocare.


30 Min

Sono-Care® on the highest level!

Sonophoresis is a transdermal system which uses ultrasound to stimulate the channelling of of cosmetic substances into the skin. Even larger molecules can be transported through skin barriers with more than 1.000.000 taps per minute. In addition to the sonophoretic action this treatment also has a micromassage effect that improves circulation and lymph flow and can thus contribute to activation of cell metabolism and to increase pH value. Helping to promote the elasticity of the tissue, for the same reason ultrasound has a positive influence on acne. Fast, immediately visible, and long lasting results in connection with anti-ageing and the regeneration of face, neck and décolleté.